About us

Landlords and Tenants are now able to build Lifetime Reputation on SIMMST Blockchain.

SIMMST for Landlords

  • Instant Tenants Screening

    Immediately decrease your property rent out time by getting tenants’ credit scores with their rental history.
  • Verified and Immutable Tenant Profiles

    All Tenants’ scores are verified by Landlords. The data is hashed on SIMMST Blockchain and is all-time immutable.
  • Transparent Reputation

    SIMMST is based on a transparent ranking algorithm. SIMMST automates your tenants’ search process.
  • Direct Influence of Tenants’ Scores

    SIMMST collects your feedback about tenants in a structured way and processes it instantly.

SIMMST Reputation for Tenants

  • Build your Lifetime reputation. Your reputation data belongs to you. Only you decide what kind of data you want to disclose and to whom.
  • Your reputation data is always with you. If you move to the other country you can use your SIMMST profile and continue build up your reputation profile.
  • Provide feedback about landlords and rental housing. Your feedback will be kept immutable and it ensures that:
  • You always know the truth about the apartment you want to rent and its landlords.

SIMMST Blockchain Technology

  • SIMMST Blockchain keeps Data Immutable - Landlords’ and Tenants’ scores cannot be amended.
  • The data hashed in blockchain can be trusted - Feedbacks about Landlords and Tenants are provided by verified participants and are digitally signed.
  • SIMMST Blockchain is based on Decentralised Computer Infrastructure - This ensures the Stability and Security of the system.